Kora at Evoluon

Grow your business, meet and network in spaces. Stage awesome conferences and launch events in an icon of world architecture.

When you visit Kora at Evoluon, you’ll find the help you need to make your ideas into businesses. You can develop your existing business, make new connections and find new markets. You can get individual coaching and advice and even find support to see what is possible for you. Or you can just come along and work here for an hour, a day or for years if you want. Pop along to one of our learning events. Drop in for a coffee. Hire one of our meeting rooms. Generate big ideas with your team in one of our innovations rooms. Or simply find the ideal location for a truly amazing conference. And grow.

Call the Kora at Evoluon team to find out how we can help you and your business +31 40 250 46 00

What's coming up here?

Kora at Evoluon is home to many leading events, awards and conferences – including the annual Innovations Awards. Alongside these major events, every month, we hold dedicated receptions for Kora members to network and meet new people at our Casual Thursdays and our Kora breakfasts. You can take part in all of these events both within Kora at Evoluon and at all the events at all of our other Kora locations around the world online when you join Kora. You can even explore how we can help you and your business – free of charge. Just sign up for email updates so that we can make sure you’re always in touch. Watch this space.

Inspiring space

Within this space-age building, you will discover everything you need to work today – and tomorrow. You can sit and work in some of the most amazing co-working spaces in the world, with fast Wi-Fi, tea and coffee. Or work alongside colleagues in open plan or private offices. We’ve got meeting rooms to help your pitch or board meeting succeed, and innovation rooms that can help you and your team take your business to bigger and better things. Evoluon has long been home to some of the most important conferences and launch events. So why not launch yourself from Kora at Evoluon?

Business and individual coaching

If you’re looking to grow yourself, your idea or your business, our team can help you every step of the way. You can find coaching and mentoring to turbocharge your personal and business development. We can help you with company creation and with finding and entering new markets. We can even help you meet the right people to give you the funding you need. We’ll make it easier for you to find the business services you need through our approved network of local professionals. And if you want to interact with a network of like-minded local people, our Entrepreneurs Lounge gives you a private space to work and connect.

Become a member of kora by calling +31 40 250 46 00


  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Company creation
  • Personal development
  • Business development
  • International development
  • Networking events: Kora Cafés, Casual Thursdays, Kora Workshops
  • Kora breakfasts
  • Access to finance
  • Conferences
  • Cultural exhibitions


  • Kora business lounge
  • Private entrepreneurs' lounge
  • Co-working space
  • Open office space
  • Private office space
  • Virtual offices - address, mail handling and telephone answering service
  • Meeting rooms
  • Innovation rooms
  • Conference rooms for up to 1500
  • Partner facilities on site

This is what we aim to offer, but Kora is just beginning, and we’re growing just like you, so all services may not be available yet. Please call us to check. And if you need something we don’t offer, ask about it. We’ll be delighted to try and help you.

Noord Brabantiaan 1A, 5652 LA Eindhoven, Netherlands

What can Kora give you?


Find the support you need

From €50 a month

Join Kora as a member, and you’ll have access to all the help and support you need to grow yourself, your ideas and your business.

Here are a selection of the benefits you can enjoy from €50 a month.

  • Access to local and international networking and learning events including our regular Casual Thursdays and a Kora breakfast every month

  • Access to business advice and guidance from our Kora directors and connectors including one free coaching session every month

  • Access to a community of like-minded local people and space to work in our Entrepreneurs Lounge - including fast Wi-Fi and refreshments

  • Access to the café, restaurant, events and exhibition spaces at the heart of our locations

  • Access to growth, support and trade services from our network of partners, members and professionals

  • Access to investors who can give you the funding you need to get your idea off the ground

  • Access to innovative thinking in Kora’s international newsletter – launch imminent – including the opportunity to publish a story about your business

  • Access to Virtual Office – giving your enterprise a professional profile, phone handling and mail answering service

  • Access to members-only discounts on Kora’s inspiring spaces to work, to meet and to stage events

  • Access to business lounges, meeting rooms and workspaces in 2,000 locations around the world

Download our Kora PDF to explore all the benefits you'll enjoy when you join Kora.

Find the space you need

From €10 a day

Kora gives you all kinds of inspiring spaces to work, meet and grow

Space to work from €10 a day

  • Brilliant shared co-working spaces, open plan and private offices - professionally equipped and fully supported for as long as you need

    • Entrepreneurs Lounge including fast Wi-Fi and refreshments - €50 a month

    • Co-working space including fast Wi-Fi and refreshments - €250 a month

    • Open office space including fast Wi-Fi and refreshments - €350 a month

    • Private office space including fast Wi-Fi and refreshments - €450 a month

Space to meet from €5 a day

  • Discover meeting and innovation rooms to help your teams think differently

Space for events and conferences

  • Design and stage your conference or event in our own and our partners' unique spaces - organised with our specialist teams

Give us your email address and let us keep you in touch with everything that's coming up at Kora.